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Once Upon a Time: A Disney Princess Party

Princess Party

Once Upon a Time: A Disney Princess Party

Welcome to “DIY” Birthday Parties! On a budget! The idea is to be able to throw an awesome Princess birthday party- without having to hire someone or break the bank!
When my daughter requested a Disney princess party for her 5th Birthday Party, I was beyond ecstatic! We finished our basement a few years ago due to water damage and made a dance room for her- this is also when Covid hit and her dance class when virtual. We thought what better way to use the space then to paint the walls pink and hang some mirrors! Anyway, let the party planning begin!

I really centered this party around the “Bippity Boppity Boutique” theme where the girls could wear princess dresses, get their hair and nails done, and a beautiful bun in their hair!  And to top it off- a crown and some fairy dust!  I had a lot of princess dresses handed down from my sisters, so we started there and let the guests know they could bring their own if they wanted.  My daughter opted to be Princess Arora (she loves pink!), she was already Snow White for Halloween this year!   

Setting up for the Princess Party

My gold bow chairs – I went to 4 different HomeGoods to get 10 of them!  They were on clearance at my local store and had 6, I had to call around and travel to get the additional 4 to complete a set!  I have used them for my daughter’s parties for 2 years now! They do have a similar one on Amazon and I think would be so cute for a vanity chair, etc.  Spending $100+ on 10 chairs for a party doesn’t make much sense!  I initially thought I would list them to “rent” locally, but haven’t done that yet!  I did find similar ones on Amazon- linked below! 

My go-to stores for inspiration: Dollar Tree, Walmart, Amazon, Target- Most reasonable prices!  


1. Cookie Decorating– My Favorite!! And a crowd favorite as well! It’s really simple to set up once you have everything- What you need: Table Cloth, Plates, Trays for Sprinkles (I was lucky enough to find the princess ones at the Dollar Tree- not sure if they were seasonal or not), Little cups for Icing, knives (or something to spread the icing), Cups and straws (because what are cookies without some strawberry milk and whipped cream!) different types of sprinkles- theme related of course- for this party I did little gold crowns!  I also picked out the following colors: 

  • Pink- Princess Arora
  • Yellow- Princess Belle
  • Blue- Cinderella
  • Purple- Rapunzel

2. Bippity Boppity Boutique For Princess Partythe girls got to pick out a lip gloss (in a glass slipper!), nail polish, a mirror, and a wand. They got to put these in their individual clear bag (double duty as a favor!)  

The girls got their hair pulled back into a bun and picked out their own Princess Crown (THEY LOVED THIS!)My sister and my mom can somehow create the perfect bunWhile their hair was being done, they got their nails and toes painted as well! One of my favorite parts of this was the Disney music playing in the background- who wouldn’t want to listen to some Rapunzel “When will my life begin” or Elsa “Let it Go while being pampered?   

The buns were finished off with a little pixie dust- aka Sparkly Glitter (parent permission granted for this!)  

3. Decorate Wooden Crowns For Princess Party – both the crowns and the crystal stickers were purchased at the dollar treeFor a group of 10 girls – the price for this was super reasonable and a lot of fun for the girls!  

Pink Couch For Princess Party – this was purchased at Hobby Lobby and is the perfect place for the birthday girl to open her presents! I don’t see one on their website- but found a very similar one on amazon- HERE 

Cake For Princess Party  I am fortunate enough to have an amazing sister who has been making cakes for years!  For this party, I knew I wanted some sort of gold castle and princesses.  I got both off of amazon, the princesses I picked out were mainly because they were sparkly (can’t find them anywhere to tag- besides ebay- it must be discontinued!)    

My mom makes these handmade banners for all my partiesShe has a paper cutter that can cut out different letters very quicklyIt is called an Alphabet Punch Board!  It’s come in very handy for every party!  

I love using theme Quotes for decoration for partiesPrinting a quote and putting in a frame can be the perfect (and free!) décor- Dollar tree usually has white frames that are perfect! 

Favors For Princess Party- Lollipops!  Chocolate Lollipops are one of my favorite favors and also a kid’s favorite.  Below is what you need to make them: 

  • Chocolate Mold
  • Chocolate Melts- Depending on Color
  • Lollipop Sticks and Clear Bags
  • Decorative Option – this one I did silver and gold princess crowns


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*Supply and Store Credits* 


  1. Princess Lip gloss
  2. Princess Nail Polish
  3. Princess Crowns
  4. Clear Cosmetic Bags
  5. Princess Wands
  6. Cake Topper
  7. Crowns for Lollipops
  8. Princess Arora Costume
  9. Princess Cookie Cutters
  10. Gold Crown Sprinkles
  11. Gold bow Chair
  12. Pink Couch 

Dollar Tree-  

  1. Princess Mirror
  2. Princess Paint Trays
  3. Princess Wooden Crowns 

One more “Prepping for the Party” Pic!!!  Because I sure LOVE planning a party! 


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