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Under the Sea: A Mermaid Birthday Party

Mermaid Birthday Party

Under the Sea: A Mermaid Birthday Party

Welcome to “DIY” Birthday Parties!  On a budget!  The idea is to be able to throw an awesome Mermaid Birthday Party- without having to hire someone or break the bank!  

For birthdays it’s always easy to think of a theme when the kids are young.  What 3-year-old doesn’t love the movie The Little Mermaid?  We’ve only watched the movie 100 times! So, what better theme than “Under the Sea… Kendall is 3!”  This Mermaid Birthday Party really started my interest in cookie decorating at parties.  It is just so easy to set up and the kids love it!  Being that this party was a couple of years ago, Target no longer has the bags or some of the items I used- but there are a lot of similar party supplies that are easy to find!   

Now onto the party planning!!!! I always start by making a list: Invitations, Activities, Favors, Cake, etc.  My go-to stores for inspiration: Dollar Tree, Walmart, Amazon, Target- Most reasonable prices!  

Cookie Decorating– My Favorite!! And a crowd favorite as well! It’s really simple to set up once you have everything. What you need: Table Cloth, Plates, Trays for Sprinkles, Little cups for Icing, knives (or something to spread the icing– this party I just used colored popsicle sticks!), different types of sprinkles (theme related of course!- I did the big pink, purple and teal “pearl” looking ones for this party, along with little white pearls and pink “rock” sprinkles).   

Below are my favorite recipes if making the cookies and icing homemade. For a quicker option, you can always buy premade dough and jarred icing! 


Setting up for the Mermaid Birthday Party: 

I especially loved using quotes from the movie as decorations.  I have a color printer so I just printed off some quotes and put them in frames from the dollar tree.  Little to no money and cute as décor!  I also tried to find “themed” wine for the adults- found some good ones referencing the sea and beach house!  

Food For Mermaid Birthday Party

Being creative with menus that match the theme of the party is so fun!  You can think of characters and use the first letter of their name to match a food or something that rhymes.  I like to create little signs as well as an additional touch to the party.  For this party, some of the menu items included: 

  • Mermaid Caviar 
  • Flounders Shrimp Cocktail  
  • Under the Sea Submarines  
  • Sebastian’s Clam Chowder 
  • King Triton’s Tortellini  
  • Ursula’s Jalapeño Rollups  


Dessert For Mermaid Birthday Party

I am fortunate enough to have an amazing sister who has been making cakes for years! I find my inspiration usually on Pinterest and send it on over to her to do what she does.   The sand on this one… Perfection! The topper was from Amazon, and I had Sebastian and Flounder from one of the kid’s toy sets.  Always look around the house first for items to use for a party!  

I got Kendall’s outfit from an Etsy shop.  I tried to look it up but it says no longer in business- which is so sad because the outfit was adorable!   

We also had a mermaid pinata and pin the tail games! 

Favors For Mermaid Birthday Party

The bags I used came from Target but I do not see them available anymore!  In each bag I did rock candy, pop rocks, a mermaid notebook and a mermaid pencil.  The kids get to bring home their decorated cookies as well! I just put those in clear bags.  

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*Under the Sea Party Supplies*  

  1. Cake Topper
  2. Cookie Cutters
  3. Trays for Sprinkles
  4. White Pearl Sprinkles
  5. Pink, Purple, Mermaid Pearl Sprinkles
  6. Table Cloth 
  7. Mermaid Rock Candy
  8. Pop Rocks
  9. Mermaid Notebook and Pen  

One more “Prepping for the Party” Pic!!!  Because I sure LOVE planning a party! 


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