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Dancing into Summer: A Dance and Ice Cream Themed Pool Party

pool party

Welcome to “DIY” Parties!  On a budget!  The idea is to be able to throw an awesome party- without having to hire someone or break the bank!   

This adorable party came about because we wanted to have a pool party for my 6 year daughter and her dance class friends!  Inspiration for the party?  The colors of her tap costume!  Blue and Pink!  I threw out the idea of a pool party to the dance moms and they immediately were excited!  I quickly went into Canva and made an invitation titled “Dancing into Summer!” and onto the Dollar tree I went! Let the party planning begin and let’s make a splash!

Goodie Bags for a Pool Party:

These adorable Summer Vibes bags were the perfect start to party planningI knew I wanted to fill it with pink sunglasses (also the dollar tree!)  I had to go to multiple stores to get the 18 that I needed but it all worked out!  I also found these adorable “Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew: A Cinderella Ballerina Mystery” books to put in the bagEach kid also got a ballerina chocolate lollipop and a pink lei.   

Setting up for Pool Party: 

Setting up for the party included a photo booth with pink streamers, pink ring floats and pink and white beach ballsThere was also a lemonade stand 

The dance costume really complemented the gift bags and the light up jump ropesI printed a name tag for each bag as well and just placed them in the front of the bagUsing the same template in CanvaI just create the print in Canva and print as a 4×6 picture at Walgreens or WalmartIt is super cheap if you have the time to create!  


Time for some Pool Party Quotes

I love printing party themed quotes and putting in frames from the dollar treeFor this party I did the following quotes: 

I was as at my sister in laws house and she had the Figi Water Bottles and I was like “these would be perfect for the pool party! The colors matched perfectly!

I don’t know about anyone elses kids but my kids LOVE rock candy! It was easy to find the pink and blue to buy together because there is a lot of gender reveal items the same color scheme!  

My mom also made the ballerina Lollipops For Pool Party ! Details Below! 

Chocolate Lollipops are one of my favorite favors to give to the kids to take home!  What you need to make:  

  • Ballerina Chocolate Mold 
  • Chocolate Melts- Depending on Color
  • Sticks and Clear Bags
  • Ribbon   


At the dollar tree they had this “Sweet Summer” sign and I figured an ice cream station made sense for a pool partyThe ice cream dishes, spoons and trays were from the dollar tree this year and I had some sprinkles already and added in the pink and blue ones (again probably from a gender reveal theme!)

My daughter and niece having a blast! 

Anyone else have a 6 year old want to use a peace sign in every picture!?

Kendall’s personalized towel was a gift from her Grandma– my son got one too!  It’s so nice to bring to parties etc and also send to school- you know it hers!

She’s so silly!

The beach balls were from Party City!

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Pool Party Supplies: 


In store- Dollar Tree: 
  • Summer Vibes Bag
  • Sunglasses
  • Nancy Drew Book
  • Frames
  • Light up Jump ropes
  • Pink Ring Floats
  • Sweet Summer Ice Cream Sign  

Some more “Prepping for the Party” Pics!!  I sure LOVE planning a party! 



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