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Start Your Engines: A Disney CARS Birthday Party

CARS Birthday Party

Welcome to “DIY” Birthday Parties!  On a budget!  The idea is to be able to throw an awesome CARS Birthday Party – without having to hire someone or spend millions!  

My son has been obsessed with the CARS movie for months.  It really is an amazing movie!  I love the idea of talking cars and Disney definitely pulled it off!  There are so many cute printables on Pinterest for this party theme, but my FAVORITE was the Pringles Rust-eze covers!!! They were perfect as decorations for the party and then the kids brought them home as well!  My son’s birthday is in the summer so we knew we wanted to do some “cars” themed activities.  The car wash was priceless, we also got a foam machine and the kids LOOOOOVED it!  We also found cars racing slip-n-slide on Amazon- could that be more fun? (FRIENDS reference!) Now let’s start planning!  

I spent A LOT of time working on the favors for this one- I think the final kid headcount was around 30, for both boys and girls attending.  My son’s birthday is in the summer, so an outdoor party is a must!  This also means the invite list is bigger than normal as well.   

FREE PRINTABLE!!!!!  CLICK HERE for the invitation and it will bring you to CANVA to edit! 

Activities For CARS Birthday Party:  

The Disney Cars Car Wash sprinkler was a hit!  And the Racing Cars Slip and Slide!  We used a foam machine for the car wash, however, bubbles would have worked too.  We had a bunch of little tike cars and bikes that the kids used to “go through” the car wash.   

We also had a slip-and-slide race track!  It came with a blue and red car for the kids to go down the slide and land in the water at the end!  So many people asked me where I got this after the party!     

Menu Ideas for a CARS Birthday Party: 

  • Lightning McQueen Macaroni Salad 
  • Doc Hudson’s Hamburgers & Hot Dogs 
  • Tow Maters Tater Tots 
  • Sallys Sausage and Peppers 
  • Cruz’s Cucumber Salad 
  • Mack’s Mac and Cheese 
  • Jackson Storm Jalapeño Rollups 
  • Chick Hicks Chips and Dip 

I printed labels online and glued them to the little gold trophies you can get at the dollar tree! Just a little extra touch!  

I had to do the wagon “wheels” pasta for the homemade mac and cheese and then used a car cookie cutter for the PB&J! 

Setting up for the CARS Birthday Party: 

My mom makes these handmade banners for all my parties.  She has a paper cutter that can cut out different letters very quickly.  It is called an Alphabet Punch Board! I also just printed pictures of the Cars characters from the movie and cut them out to be the ends of each line.  “Start your engines…. Ka Chow!” 

What better floats to get for the pool than tires?  The checkered banners were the finishing touch to feel like you are at the race track!   

Cake For CARS Birthday Party – 

I am fortunate enough to have an amazing sister who has been making cakes for years! I find my inspiration usually on Pinterest and send it on over. For this cake, I purchased the cake and cupcake toppers from Amazon and let my sister go to work- it came out perfect! We of course had an extra Lightning McQueen and Tow Mater car to top it off!!  She threw in some cupcakes and sugar cookie cars!  YUMMY!  


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We also did a Root Beer Float stand- Radiator Springs- Route 66!  I cut out some Route 66 signs and put them on a bunch of the tables.  The kids got a root beer float and a car straw to top it off!  

Lollipops!  Chocolate Lollipops are one of my favorite flavors and a kid’s favorite.  What you need to make: 

Items in the favor bag For CARS Birthday Party: 

  • CARS M&Ms with a label from Etsy  
  • #3 and CAR Chocolate Lollipop  
  • Rust Eze Pringles 
  • Race Car Slinger- the Dollar Tree  
  • Slime  
  • Mini Trophy- Can’t see in pic!  

I love using theme Quotes for decoration for parties.  Printing a quote and putting in a frame can be the perfect(free!) décor- Dollar tree has black frames that are perfect! 

Example CARS Birthday Party Quotes: 

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One more “Prepping for the Party” Pic!!!  Because I sure LOVE planning a party!  


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