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The Perfect Blend: A Starbucks-Themed Birthday Party


Welcome to “DIY” Parties!  On a budget!  The idea is to be able to throw an awesome party- without having to hire someone or break the bank!
Birthdays are special occasions that call for unique and memorable celebrations. If you are a coffee enthusiast or simply love the cozy ambiance of Starbucks, why not host a Starbucks-themed birthday party at a picturesque cabin by the lake? Imagine sipping your favorite Starbucks beverages while surrounded by the beauty of nature. In this blog explore how you can create an unforgettable Starbucks-inspired birthday celebration that combines the joy of coffee with the tranquility of a cabin on a lake. Let’s get ready to brew up some fun!

Setting the Scene: Choosing the Perfect Cabin:

Perfect Cabin

The first step in planning your Starbucks-themed birthday party is selecting the ideal cabin. Look for a cabin that offers stunning lake views, comfortable accommodations, and ample space for your guests. Consider whether you want a rustic cabin with a fireplace or a modern one with large windows to enjoy the scenic beauty. Ensure there is enough outdoor space for setting up cozy seating areas, where guests can relax and enjoy their Starbucks-inspired delights.

The cabin we chose was “The Rustic Window” on Sacandaga Lake, New York.

Creating the Starbucks Vibe:

Now that you have your cabin chosen, it’s time to transform it into a Starbucks haven. Decorate the space with Starbucks-themed elements. Star Balloons: Set the ambiance by hanging star-shaped balloons throughout the party area. You can find star-shaped balloons at party supply stores or online. We got these green and gold ones from the local Dollar Tree! Inflate them with helium and tie them to strings, suspending them from the ceiling or attaching them to walls. Opt for Starbucks’ signature green color or mix in some gold or silver for an extra touch of elegance. Set up a dedicated beverage station featuring a wide array of Starbucks drinks, complete with a chalkboard menu listing various coffee creations. Don’t forget to include cups, stirrers, and an assortment of flavored syrups to let guests create their own personalized concoctions.

Starbucks-inspired Menu:

Starbucks-inspired Menu:

No Starbucks-themed birthday party is complete without a delectable menu inspired by the coffeehouse’s offerings. Create a spread of Starbucks-inspired treats, such as mini caramel macchiato cupcakes, muffins, and delicious cinnamon rolls. And of course, provides an abundance of Starbucks coffee options, including classic favorites like lattes, cappuccinos, and Frappuccinos.


For those who prefer non-coffee alternatives, offer Starbucks famous teas and refreshing iced beverages, like the pink drink or lemon water! Putting them in carafes adds a special touch as well!


My mom made just the traditional round sugar cookies with the green and white glazed frosting. Sugar Cookie Recipe: The Best Cut Out Sugar CookieRecipe | Wilton (I prefer to use Vanilla Extract instead of Almond – but that is a personal preference!)

Customized Starbucks Cups: As party favors, provide your guests with customized Starbucks cups. Purchase the plastic cups and use a Cricut machine or adhesive vinyl to customize each cup with your guests’ names. Fill the cups with coffee-flavored candies, chocolate-covered coffee beans, or small Starbucks gift cards. My daughter was very excited about this!

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