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Aloha: A Hawaiian Luau Themed Birthday Party


A fun theme for a toddler’s birthday party is a luau! Join us for the 2nd birthday party complete with make your own leis, a sand art station, a tiki bar, and a Kona ice truck!

When planning a luau birthday party for a two-year-old, it’s important to keep things simple and age-appropriate. Toddlers have short attention spans and may not be able to participate in complex activities or games. However, with a little creativity and planning, you can create a fun and festive atmosphere that will delight both the birthday child and their guests.
1st comes 1st! These adorable palm tree sugar cookies! The colors are so vibrant when paired with the colorful flowers!

One of the highlights of any luau party is the opportunity to make your own leis. This activity is perfect for toddlers, as it allows them to get creative and use their fine motor skills to string beads or flowers onto a string. You can set up a lei-making station with a variety of colorful beads, flowers, and string, and let the little ones get to work creating their own beautiful leis to wear during the party. This simple activity will keep the toddlers engaged and entertained, while also providing a fun souvenir for them to take home.

No luau party would be complete without a tiki bar serving up tropical drinks for the adults. While the toddlers may not be able to enjoy the cocktails, you can set up a fun mocktail station with colorful and fruity drinks for them to enjoy. Serve up fruit punch or coconut water in festive cups with umbrellas and straws, and watch as the little ones sip and enjoy their refreshing beverages. This fun and interactive activity will make the toddlers feel like they are part of the party and will add to the overall festive atmosphere of the luau celebration.

We hired a Kona Ice truck to provide delicious shaved ice treats for the guests. The colorful and flavorful shaved ice cones are a hit with kids of all ages, and the variety of flavors and toppings available will ensure that everyone finds something they love. The Kona Ice truck can park conveniently at your party venue, allowing guests to cool off and enjoy a sweet treat on a hot summer day. The excitement of the Kona Ice truck pulling up will surely be a highlight of the party for both kids and adults alike.

In addition to these fun activities and treats, you can also incorporate other luau-themed decorations and games to enhance the party atmosphere. Consider setting up a photo booth with fun props like leis, grass skirts, and sunglasses for guests to take silly pictures. Play tropical music in the background to set the mood and encourage guests to dance and have fun. You can also set up a mini beach area with sand and beach toys for the toddlers to play and build sandcastles.

When it comes to food, keep things simple and toddler-friendly. Serve up a variety of finger foods like fruit skewers, mini sandwiches, and cheese and crackers. You can also set up a tropical fruit platter with pineapple, watermelon, and mango for the guests to enjoy. Don’t forget the birthday cake, which can be decorated with a luau theme or tropical design to tie in with the party theme.

Don’t forget about the favors- we printed these cute cards and tied to the little aloha boxes- they came out so cute!

Overall, a luau birthday party for a two-year-old is a fun and festive way to celebrate your little one’s special day. With activities like make your own leis, a sand art station, a tiki bar, and a Kona Ice truck, you can create a memorable and enjoyable experience for your child and their guests. Keep things simple, age-appropriate, and fun, and watch as the toddlers have a blast celebrating in true tropical style. Happy birthday to your little one, and may their luau party be filled with sunshine, laughter, and lots of aloha spirit!

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