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Level Up: A Super Mario Themed Birthday Party

Super Mario

Welcome to “DIY” Parties! On a budget! The idea is to be able to throw an awesome party- without having to hire someone or break the bank!
Are you ready to embark on a thrilling adventure in the Mushroom Kingdom? Get ready to celebrate your little gamer’s special day with a Super Mario-themed birthday party that will bring the video game magic to life! In this blog post, we’ll help you plan an epic Mario party, complete with star-shaped cookies as Star Power, cheese balls as Fire Power, and donuts as Ice Power. Get your game face on and let’s dive into the details!


To transport your party guests into the world of Super Mario, decorate your event space with vibrant colors inspired by the iconic video game. Hang colorful paper lanterns in red, blue, and green to represent Mario, Luigi, and Yoshi. Use pixelated tablecloths and wall decals featuring popular characters like Princess Peach, Bowser, and Toad. Don’t forget to set up a backdrop for some memorable photos, featuring the classic Super Mario Bros. game artwork! Gold Star Plates and Balloons help set the scene!

Star-Shaped Cookies as Star Power: Every Mario party needs some Star Power to make the celebration shine! Whip up a batch of star-shaped sugar cookies using a simple sugar cookie recipe (my favorite below!) Once baked and cooled, decorate them with yellow icing and little black dots to resemble Power Stars from the game. These cookies will not only be a tasty treat but also a fun way to channel the invincibility of Star Power!

Sugar Cookie Recipe: The Best Cut Out Sugar Cookie Recipe | Wilton (I prefer to use Vanilla Extract instead of Almond – but that is a personal preference!)

Sugar Cookie Recipe

Cheese Balls as Fire Power:

Give your little gamers some fiery firepower with delicious cheese balls! These bite-sized snacks will resemble the iconic fireballs Mario throws to defeat his enemies. Fill a large bowl with cheese balls and attach a printable sign that says “Fire Power” or “Fireballs.” Your guests will love snacking on these treats as they play Mario-themed games or watch the birthday boy or girl blow out their candles!

fire power

Donuts as Ice Power:

To cool things down, bring the ice power of Mario’s Ice Flower into the mix with delectable donuts! Purchase or make a variety of donuts in different flavors and colors. I used just glazed with powder donuts to represent the Ice Power ability, and you can even add some edible glitter for a magical touch. Display the donuts on a decorative tower or platter and watch as your guests indulge in this frozen treat! And don’t forget the “Ice Power” sign!

ice power


My sister made a Super Mario-themed cake that features yellow stars and blue frosted cupcakes. With its vibrant colors, fondant decorations, and some Super Mario figurines- It came out perfect! Can’t forget the Mario candle!


Activities and Games:

No Mario party is complete without some thrilling games and activities! Set up a Super Mario Bros. video game station for the little gamers to show off their skills.

Activities and Games

Another cake from another party! Super Mario is such a fun theme!

Another cake from another party!

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Super Mario Gift Ideas

Super Mario Gift Ideas: 


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