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Crushing it: A Monster Truck Birthday Party

monster truck

Welcome to “DIY’ Birthday Parties! On a budget! Throwing a party doesn’t have to break the bank. With a little creativity and some DIY magic, you can create a memorable and budget-friendly event that will wow your guests!

Are you ready to rev up the excitement for your little one’s birthday party? Look no further! A monster truck-themed celebration will surely have your child and their friends racing with joy. In this DIY blog, we will guide you through every step to create a memorable and action-packed monster truck birthday party. Let’s get started!

Decorations: Set the scene with monster truck decorations. Hang up checkered flags, racing banners, and balloons in the party colors. Use toy monster trucks as table centerpieces (we had plenty of those!) This party was during the summer so we had tire pool floats as well. I purchased an entire “Monster Truck Decorations” set off of amazon. It was nice because it came with décor, plates, a cake topper, and more.

I created a “Danger Monster Truck Crush Zone” sign in CANVA, framed it and I stacked Crush Orange sodas cans to complete the station.

DIY Food and Snacks: Serve monster truck-themed food and snacks. I had to do the wagon “wheels” pasta for the homemade mac and cheese! And Queso had to be labeled the truck “El Toro Loco”! As long as you have the names of the Monster Trucks, you can do any menu.

Menu Ideas for a Monster Truck-themed party:

  • Earth Shaker Sausage and Peppers
  • El Toro Loco Queso
  • Megalodon Swedish Meatballs
  • Grave Digger Tortellini and Chicken
  • Rodger Dodger Mac and Cheese
  • Mega Rex Cucumber Salad
  • Big Foot Jalapeño Rollups


DIY Party Favors: Send the little guests home with monster truck-themed party favors. I fill goody bags with small monster trucks (dollar tree), Monster Truck playing cards (dollar tree) and Monster Truck homemade chocolate lollipops! You can add a thank-you note or a customized label to make it extra special.

Lollipops!  Chocolate Lollipops are one of my favorite favors and a kid favorite.  What you need to make:


We also can’t forget about the girls!  I put together some Barbie favor bags- who doesn’t love Barbie?  I did some pink lollipop cars and found hot wheels mini Barbie corvettes…  So cute! 


All my son kept saying is he wanted a “Dirt Cake” for his birthday! I am fortunate enough to have an amazing sister who has been making cakes for years! I find my inspiration usually on Pinterest and send it over.  For this cake, the cake and cupcake toppers came in the set I mentioned earlier from Amazon.  It all came out perfect!

With these DIY monster truck birthday party ideas, you’re guaranteed to have a roaring success!

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