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The Perfect Blend: 14 Creative Ideas for Starbucks Themed Party Décor and Supplies!


Are you a Starbucks enthusiast who wants to throw the ultimate Starbucks-themed party? Well, you’re in luck because Starbucks now offers a range of party supplies that will make your celebration a hit! Green, gold and a hint of pink (drink!) will surely set the scene! Here are 14 ideas for Starbucks party supplies that will be the perfect blend and take your event to the next level!


1.Paper Plates, Napkins, Forks, and Knives:These essentials are a must-have for any party, and the green and gold colors complement the theme perfectly!

2.Green Gold Balloon Package: This package includes a variety of balloons in different sizes and designs.  You can make a balloon arch or hang but these decorations will sure create a festive atmosphere.

3. Happy Birthday Starbucks Gift Card $25: For the Starbucks lovers in your life, this gift card allows the recipient to indulge in their favorite Starbucks treats and beverages.  I love how it says Happy Birthday!  Perfect to pair with a mug or bottle as a gift!

4. Starbucks Stickers: These stickers can be used to decorate party bags, invitations, or even as a fun activity for your guests. They come in a variety of designs, featuring all the coffee and Starbucks themed logo, coffee cups, and more.

5. Starbucks Cups- 5 Pack: Perfect for serving your favorite beverages to your guests, these cups will add a touch of Starbucks authenticity to your party. You can Cricut names on them in green vinyl and use as party favors!

6. Coffee Bar Sign: Add a touch of charm to your coffee station with this vintage-style sign featuring “Coffee Bar:. Your guests will feel like they’re stepping into their favorite Starbucks store.

7. Carafe Pitchers: These pitchers are perfect for holding and pouring hot or cold beverages. They are durable, stylish, and will keep your coffee bar looking professional.  They come with little chalkboards as well too!  You can put the pink drink with fresh strawberries in one to give it that “Starbucks” touch!

8. Starbucks Variety Syrup 4pk: Add some flavor to your drinks with this pack of Starbucks syrups. With flavors like vanilla, caramel, hazelnut, and peppermint, you can create a wide range of delicious beverages.

9. Starbucks Pink Drink 12 Pack: Treat your guests to the popular Starbucks Pink Drink with this 12-pack. It’s a refreshing and Instagram-worthy beverage that will be a hit at your party.

10. Just Neon Green Straws: Add a pop of color to your drinks with these neon green straws. They are the perfect complement to your Starbucks-themed party. You can stick them in homemade cupcakes to make it look like an iced coffee!

11. Gold Star Plates: These plates featuring gold stars will add a touch of elegance to your table setting. They are perfect for serving appetizers, desserts, or other small bites.

12. Green, Gold, and Pink Heart Streamer Banner: Create a festive atmosphere with this whimsical streamer banner. It features green, gold, and pink hearts, adding a touch of color and fun to your party space.

13. Frappuccino Mini 8 Pack: Treat your guests to a mini Frappuccino experience with this pack of eight. There are different varieties of flavors like Vanilla, Mocha, and Caramel, allowing your guests to indulge in their favorite Starbucks treat.

14. Medium, Blonde, Dark Roast Variety Pack: For the coffee aficionados at your party, this variety pack is a must-have. It includes a selection of Starbucks’ popular roasts, allowing your guests to enjoy a range of delicious coffee flavors.


These 14 ideas for Starbucks party supplies will help you create the ultimate Starbucks-themed celebration. From decorations like the streamer banner and tablecloth to delicious treats like the Frappuccino mini pack and coffee variety pack, these supplies will bring the Starbucks experience to your event. So, gather your friends, brew some coffee, and get ready to host a memorable and enjoyable Starbucks party! Get In Touch Now


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