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Pink Lemonade Party Supply Guide


Are you planning a “Pink Lemonade” Birthday Party and looking for the perfect supplies to make it extra special without spending a fortune? Look no further! We have put together a list of essential party supplies to get the party started!  Check out our top picks below:

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20 PCS Pink Sunshine & Lemonade Stand Shaped Fill-In Invitations Cards With Envelopes: Cute invitations for a summer party with a lemonade stand theme!

Pink and Yellow 12 Inch Latex Balloons: Add a pop of color to the party décor!

Lemon Mini Wooden Crate: These can be used as decorations or to hold party favors!

Party Plastic Cups 16 oz Cups with Lids and Paper Straws: These are perfect for serving the lemonade! Lids and Straws Included!

4 Pcs Lemon Decor Fake Lemons Branch Artificial Lemon Decorations:  You can’t have lemons without a lemon tree!

Zesty Lemon Pool Fill it with water, make it a ball pit, or just use for decoration!

Lemonade Stickers for Water Bottle and Laptop:  Give them out as party favors or you can do a craft like decorating water bottles!

Lemonhead Hard Lemon Candy Yummy lemon candy for the guests of the party!


Lemon Cupcake Toppers Glitter Love these adorable cupcake toppers and they come in pink and yellow!

Kids’ Market Booth and Lemonade Stand: A cute lemonade stand that can be personalized with extra decorations!

Pink and White Checkered Tablecloth These tablecloths have a cute picnic vibe and would be perfect to set up the tables!

Country Time Lemonade Mix Variety Pack: 2 options to pick from for making the perfect refreshing lemonade.

Lemon Cookie Cutters:  Love these to make lemon shaped sugar cookies!

Yellow and Pink Lemon Slices Garland: This is a fun decoration to hang at the party or to decorate the lemonade stand with!

2 Pack 1 Gallon Plastic Straining Pitcher Perfect for serving the lemonade!

Yellow Swirl Lollipops A sweet treat for your guests!

Lemonade Stand Decorations Signs, garlands and more are included in this adorable set!

Pink Lemonade Party Cups:  Another option for cups with lids and straws!

Swoon Pink Lemonade:  The perfect pink and yellow cans of Pink Lemonade!

When planning a pink lemonade themed party, there are a variety of creative party supplies!  Whether you choose to purchase pre-made party supplies or get crafty with some DIY projects, incorporating a pink and yellow color palette will bring it all together!  Happy Planning!


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